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Seasons and Rhythms

Written by Pastor Lynette on Wednesday, 14 May 2014.

Seasons and Rhythms

I remember as a kid, my dad taking me to Six Flags. Being in the crowded, sticky amusement park with the smell of cotton candy and hot black top was exciting as a child. We loved riding roller coasters! The part I remember the most was the loooooong climb up the steep grade at the very beginning of the ride. I knew once we reached the top, the worst was coming! The anticipation of it is what got me! The speed and drop of that first hill would take my breath away. My stomach would turn over and I screamed the whole way down! The rest of the ride was just a blur… The momentum created at the beginning is what stays in my memory. It was such a force that my whole body felt the power and it was exhilarating!

Life can be much the same way. God has been talking to me a lot about seasons and rhythms. Every season has a beginning and eventually comes to an end, just like summer and winter or an amusement park ride. With in each season is it’s own rhythm. When you find the pace and timing of the season, it can create a momentum that carries you.

God created seasons and rhythms. Ecclesiastes 3 starts out “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven…” I love the summer season as it provides me with a beautiful pleasure! I get to sit on my porch most every morning and drink a cup of coffee (one of my favorite things!) while I have my time with God. The rhythm of this season is a little slower, less chaotic. So I relish it while I can!!! Because I know, as a mommy with two school-aged kids, in August my season will change and it is “so long!” to quiet mornings on the porch! The rhythm picks up and we are in a whole nother’ momentum.

I have learned to appreciate the momentum of a certain season and not fight against it. You can’t change it, so why not use it to your benefit? Use the timing of a season to create a force and direction in your life to help carry you where God wants to take you! We sometimes will long for a season that has ended and try to stay in something that doesn’t even exist anymore. This shuts down momentum in a hurry! Embrace the place you’re in right now! Be where you are!!! Enjoy the beauty and fullness of today! Learn from the trials! Celebrate the wins! Dance to the rhythm of the song God is singing over you NOW! Enjoy the thrill of taking your hands off the bar, raise ‘em up high and enjoy the amazing ride!

It’s a beautiful life!

Love you friends,


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