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on Thursday, 22 January 2015.

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in my chair in my living room, I had just finished reading and was spending a few minutes thinking about what I had just read. Looking around the room, I noticed something that I had not seen for a while that needed attention but had not taken the time to do it.

When Lynette and I moved into our house a couple of years ago, we bought new living room furniture. We bought nice furniture. In the past, we had bought affordable furniture from the big-box warehouse type furniture stores but it didn’t last very long. This time we paid a bit more but for a better quality.

So as I sat in my chair, I noticed that the cushions on our couches needed adjusting and fluffed-up from all of their use. I got up and walked over, pulled the cushions off and to my surprise (embarrassment)... I thought, “We are nasty people!”

In the two years since we bought the furniture, it was obvious we had never pulled back the cushions. In the two years it was obvious we had done a lot of “living” in our living room. What started as a minor adjustment turned into a project.

I will spare you of the details of what a teenager, a pre-teen, a red-heeler, and a feline can leave in the cushions, while “living” in the living room but I will tell you the same thing happens to our soul (mind, will, and emotions), in comparison, while “living” in the living room of our life.

Our lives are meant for purpose, meant for “living” to the fullest. But how often we are unaware of what is making its way into our soul everyday. We are aware of major things being dropped or spilled but it is the crumbs, of someone chewing you out, sheading fur, of pet peeves, lint, of abrasive words, or the two-cents of negative opinion. Stuff drops into our soul and we do not see it until we push back the cushions.

As I saw the reality of “living” in my living room and the revelation picture happening, my thought was, “I know there has to be stuff tucked in the dark corners of my soul.” So, I began my own search by giving God permission to push back the cushions of my soul.

Investigate my life, O God, find out everything about me; Cross-examine and test me, get a clear picture of what I’m about; See for yourself whether I’ve done anything wrong— then guide me on the road to eternal life.

(Psalm 139:23–24, The Message)

What I was hoping for was God to say was, “You’re good. I just need to adjust you and fluff you up...” But do you know what He revealed? Yep... Things that I did not want to see, much less, TOUCH! What should be a minor adjustment for Him just became a project!

God began in me the same as I did with my couches. I got out the vacuum and the attachments and began the process. After a bit more time than I planned, the couches were clean, cushions adjusted and the pillows fluffed good as new.

At the time of this blog, the cushions are still off of my soul. God’s vacuum is running and the smallest, most focused attachment is sucking the fragments out of the darkest corners. Soon I will be a clean, comfortable place to “live” with purpose again.

When I cleaned my couches, I did not just find trash. I found things of value that I thought were lost. I write this to encourage you... Do not be afraid to allow God to push back the cushions. You might be disgusted, it might be gross but there are valuable things that you thought you lost hiding in the dark corners with the trash.

How long has it been since you have allowed God to push back the cushions of your soul? Have you ever let Him? What is at stake? Nothing really... No one will probably ever purposefully stick their hand in the cushions of your soul (EW!) but it is nice to know for yourself that if that were to happen... it is clean!

God’s vacuum sucks! But it will clean you up, add value and you will “live” life with purpose!


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