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LGBT Blog Post

on Friday, 10 July 2015.

Man! I am glad social media has finally died-down over the last several days! There are so many decisions changing our nation, it has been crazy. Some say it’s good and others say it’s a sign of the end of days. This may be a little late but I personally have had to take a step back and gather my thoughts from all the cultural firestorm of negativity before I responded to my church family.

Here is my concern... So many of my Christian brothers and sisters are getting caught up in the upheaval of the feelings of betrayal, confusion and righteous indignation that they are acting as if we are victims instead of overcomers. When we act like victims our responses begin to paint a picture that we have been put back on our heels and having to defend ourselves.

I will say this... God’s people should NEVER be in a posture of defense! We are more than conquerors! When we position ourselves on the “defensive”, we will become “offensive” in our response. That’s where we are headed... We are growing more and more “offensive” in the eyes of the very people God put us on this planet to be a witness to. We don’t realize that we were born for a day and time, such as this! We are God’s hope.

With all the social media back and forth that the church, at large, is vocalizing, most of us are trying to wade through all the interpretations and opinions that are fighting for our attention. As your church leader you may wonder where I stand on the current situation of the LGBT (Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender) agenda.

The world is the world. The world is going to do what the world is going to do. This world we live in, is not a Christian world. It is a fallen world ruled by the god of this world, the devil (2 Cor. 4:4). For Christians to think that we should have the right to be comfortable, unchallenged, and have our Christian life easy, is to lose perspective of why we are here. That’s why many Christians have become so “worked up” in our current national situation and become ineffective in winning souls. The truth is that we are “IN” this world but not “OF” this world.

My view is always God’s Word. What His Word says about homosexuality and sexual immorality is final. The Word of God does not gel with the LGBT lifestyle and His Word does not and will not change with culture. There is no amount of supreme legislation that will overrule The Supreme Judge, our Heavenly Father. Most all of us know His Word on the subject but that is God’s jurisdiction not ours. We are not the Judge (Father) or the Advocate (Jesus) to prosecute the LGBT agenda.

Also our job is not to be LGBT “sympathizers” but to be LGBT “compassionate”. Jesus was always compassionate towards those who needed a touch from heaven. Compassion has always carried the beauty of God’s Kingdom into any and every situation. While people are breathing on this planet there is always hope of the Kingdom of Heaven invading the spirit, soul and body of ANY and EVERY human being!

How are Christians supposed to respond the LGBT community and to the current situation? We respond the way we would toward anyone who does not follow God and His ways. We are to share the goodness and love of God. That is our only position... Compassion is the way Jesus moved in a person’s life through respect, honor, and God’s Love. Respect breeds respect, honor breeds honor, and the Love of God breeds the Love of God.

As Christians, every one of us had to choose to come into the Kingdom of God and trust Him with our life first, in order to be transformed into the image of Christ. God accepted us with our skewed views, twisted perspectives and our baggage, and then He began a work within us that will one day be completed.

The LGBT community is no different. Our strategy should be to demonstrate to them the power of the Kingdom, and then began to let God bring about transformation as only He can. Christians will only be known as “haters” if we try to change them and clean them up by telling them how “wrong” they are and “how much that God rejects them.” That is counter-productive to the advance of His Kingdom.

My view? It is not their fault they scream that Christians are “haters, bigots and closed-minded”. It is not their fault they make fun of our discrimination. It is not their fault they have their mind made up about how we feel about them. It is our fault because we have taken the wrong stance toward them. We are to be “ambassadors of the Kingdom” not dictators. No one will willingly come into a Kingdom of a dictator.

What I have found is that we, in the church, are preaching our “doctrine” to the world and the “Gospel” to the church... When the opposite is the correct way. The Gospel is the “Good News” and it’s the goodness of God that leads men to repentance. (Rom. 2:4)

We need to learn to be courteous and respectful of others lifestyle. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with the way they live life but it does mean we have to LOVE them... Loving them is not agreeing with a lifestyle or choices of life, it is treating them the way Jesus would treat them if He were here. He is here, in fact in us!

I will be an Ambassador of His Kingdom to everyone outside of God’s Word, even to the LGBT community. Because I am (you are) the church (the body of Christ), LGBT’s only hope for God’s eternity in them!

Next week’s blog: #lovewins??